Clubs and Groups

Kindness and Compassion Club


The mission is to allow more students to become positive leaders and self-motivators. We will look for opportunities to help reach our PBIS goals by encouraging student leadership on our campus. We will encourage the values of kindness and compassion and align our goals with Rachel's Challenge purpose.


So what is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. These four symbols represent the different areas of STEM education.

STEM education integrates concepts that are usually taught as separate subjects in different classes and emphasizes the application of knowledge to real-life situations. A lesson or unit in a STEM class is typically based around finding a solution to a real-world problem and tends to emphasize project-based learning. A variation of STEM is STEAM, which includes an 'A' for art and design. Artistic design is becoming an important part of STEM education since creativity is an essential part of innovation. Many STEM lessons involve building models and simulating situations. A good STEM lesson ensures that students understand the connection to the real world.

NEHS / Student Council

The purpose of the NEHS is to recognize students for their outstanding academic achievement and demonstrated personal responsibility to provide service to the school and the community, and to develop leadership skills in the students. NEHS members focus on Responsibility, Academic Excellence, Service and Leadership. They also partner with Student Council to serve the school and community through various outreaches.

Student Council allows students to make a difference in their school. This group of conscientious students effectively promotes school improvement by beautifying the school environment, building school spirit, and participating in community projects. Student Council is the voice of the students.

Jamaica Educational Tour (JET) Group

Jamaica is excited to announce our first ever travel group!  The Jamaica Educational Tour Group (JET Group) is for 6th grade students at Jamaica Elementary School.

The JET Group welcomes all 6th grade students who have a passion for learning and discovery, sprinkled with traveling.  Our students will take advantage of the opportunity to travel to destinations somewhat locally to learn about traditions, customs, culture, and state history.  They will experience new places and gain confidence, independence, as well as new friendships.

For our first adventure we will be visiting The Grand Canyon, Bearizona, Sunset Crater, Wupatki National Monument, Lowell Observatory, Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend just to name a few.
JET Group Eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a student at Jamaica Elementary School
  • Maintain a C average or higher with no F’s on any report card.
  • No disciplinary concerns or referrals
  • Satisfactory Citizenship. (No N’s or U’s. This does include attendance.)
JET trips generally take place the week after school is let out for the summer.

Group advisors:

Ms. Black - Principal

Mrs. Montes - 6th grade special education teacher

Mrs. Kendrick - 6th grade teacher

Mrs. Rodriguez - 6th grade teacher

Theatre Club

Theatre club will help students with confidence and personal growth. Students will learn a brief history of theater as well as all the correct theater terms. They will learn audition techniques and we will help prepare them for auditions.

Homework Club

FOR GRADES 4 - 6  (will start at 1st quarter progress report time)

Homework club is an opportunity for students to finish/catch up on homework. It is NOT TUTORING. Students must come with homework to do or a book to read.

The club will meet after school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Yearbook Club

The goal of the Yearbook Club will be to design, produce, and edit the Jamaica Elementary School Yearbook. Students will write captions, work on layouts, take pictures, and help promote the sale of our yearbook. All club meetings will be held on campus here at Jamaica Elementary.   

Parks and Rec
(After School Program)

The Lake Havasu City Department of Parks and Recreation offers an After School Program at our school as well as many other events and activities for children and families offered year-round.